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Basic Training for Tree Climbers DVD Spanish
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  • Basic Training for Tree Climbers DVD Spanish
CEUs are available for this product.

Basic Training for Tree Climbers DVD and Workbook, Spanish


  • Item #: DVD1526S
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  • Non-member Price: $149.95(US Dollars)
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Entrenamiento básico para trepadores de árboles

Ken Palmer y Rip Tompkins, ganadores de la competición internacional de trepadores de árboles, y Robert Phillips, veterano instructor de trepa, se unen para demostrar las habilidades básicas y los conocimientos requeridos para llegar a ser un experto trepador de árboles. Producido por la ISA y TCIA, y diseñado para el entrenamiento de trepadores, este DVD y el cuaderno de ejercicios totalmente ilustrado proporcionan la oportunidad de ganar un total de seis CEUs para la recertificación ISA mediante la aprobación (como mínimo un 80% de acierto) del cuestionario incluido. Cuadernos de ejercicios adicionales pueden ser comprados por separado.

(A, U, T, M, L, Bp)

*Estos CEUs pueden obtenerse sólo una vez durante la vigencia de su certificación.


The lessons and text provide the same learning experience as the English version, and will also earn each user a total of 6 CEUs upon completion.

(A, U, T, M, L, Bp)

Basic Training for Tree Climbers lessons include:

    Getting Started - Explains the use of various types of climbing saddles, personal lanyards, snaps and carabiners, and discusses their benefits and limitations. Demonstrates how to tie, dress, and set the most common climbing knots and provides an overview of popular climbing hitches. (2.0 CEUs*)

    Rope Installation and Techniques for Ascending - Focuses on throwing, manipulating, and isolating a throwline, bodythrust climbing, footlock climbing, and proper use of a Prusik loop in secured footlocking. (1.0 CEU*)

    Using Climbing Spurs - Addresses correct climbing techniques using climbing spurs, as well as proper selection, fit, wear, and maintenance. (1.0 CEU*)

    Tying-In and Positioning Strategies - Provides instruction on selecting a safe and effective tie-in point, advancing a climbing line, using the personal lanyard, and installing and retrieving a false crotch. (1.0 CEU*)

    Working the Tree - Discusses various techniques for working in a tree, such as limb-walking, positioning, recrotching, and double-crotching. The presenters share some tricks of the trade for making tree work aloft both safe and efficient.(1.0 CEU*)

*These CEUs may be submitted only once during the life of your certification.

Also available in English.

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